You're welcome to get a hands-on demonstration any day of the week. We'll spend an hour or all day with you going over the different methods, materials and equipment. This is free and a great way to learn about the industry.
We also host CIPP Certification Training Seminars and Open Houses
Please contact us for upcoming dates.
Next Seminar: we're doing individual company training until 2021

Pipe Lining Supply of Illinois will be hosting a CIPP Certification training seminar at our warehouse facility in Batavia Illinois. 

We will be certifying attendees in the Cured in Place Pipe process under the ASTM F-1216 & ASTM F-1743 methods of installation and Pipe Coating methods of installation (IAPMO IGC351-2018A).

This training includes:

Correct methods and approvals for Pipe Coating drain-vent-waste pipe.

A. History of CIPP Lining
B. Sizes addressed in CIPP processes
C. Who uses CIPP for laterals & why
D. Governing Methods & ASTM’s governance
E. Design Life
F. Flow Characteristics
G. Resins
H. Approvals
I. Installation
J. Websites
K. FAQ’s
L. Certification
M. Best Practices
N. Proper storage, handling, mixing, wetting out

Private contractors and municipal inspectors are welcome. Registration and coffee begins at 8:00 am and the presentation begins at 8:30. The presentation should wrap up about 12:30 pm followed by a demonstration for those interested Pipe Coating and shooting a 6” lateral sewer lining. Whether you’ve attended a previous seminar, are experienced in sewer lining or would just like to learn about the process, this should be a good day of learning. Plenty of Q&A with the speakers and guests should be expected. Contact us for hotel info.

$50 per person

Space is limited, so please RSVP as soon as you plan on attending.

Certification Class
ASTM Standards
Understanding Resins
Understanding Liners
Transition liners
Different Materials
Hands on Training
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