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Spot Repair Packer Starter Kit $1950.00

1.5 meter packer, pressure controller, (5) 5' push rods, flex adapter, (1) 6"x4' patch kit, (1) 6"x2' patch kit, (1) 4"x4' patch kit, (1) 4"x2' patch kit.


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Pipe Lining Supply is pleased to announce the New Quik-Coating System that provides structural rehabilitation of existing drain, waste and vent piping in sizes from 1 1/2” through 6”.The system uses a proprietary resin that is applied in layers to a cleaned pipe. The unit allows the applicator to vary the flow of the resin and keep track of the amount of resin used per layer. Features include the ability to coat pipe as well as joints, sweep turns and size changes without cutting open tie-ins. 5-10 minute dry time between coats!

Quik-Shot Inversion Systems


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Pipe Lining Supply of Illinois is now distributing CON-X air compressors!
Mobile power when and where you need it, along with the flexibility of a gas-powered, rotary screw air compressor, truly gives you the “best of both worlds.”