CIPP Lining Equipment


We offer a variety of equipment and processes to help the lateral lining contractor perform the work correctly, faster and for less money than the competition. We train both in house and at the jobsite and continue supporting the contractor ongoing. When selecting the system that you plan to put to work for you, consider all of the costs including initial equipment cost, training cost, labor costs, material costs, and operating costs. We stock the Quik-Shot inversion system for the following reasons. Ease of use, ability to shoot unlimited lengths of 3"-8" liner, light in weight and extremely portable, low start up cost, 24/7 manufacture support and made in the USA! 

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CIPP Calibration Roller
Resin Vacuum
Pipe Lining Boiler
Quik-Shot Inversion Unit


This is the most advanced lateral lining system available. Lightweight and portable and yet can continuous feed to any length. Basic unit equipped to invert both 4” and 6” liner upgradable to 8". Compatible with any and all manufacturer’s lining materials.

Calibration Hand Roller


Calibration Hand Roller on a foldable stand. Has a calibration scale on unit to insure the proper amount of resin in every liner. Stands approximately 54 in x 30 in wide. Designed so it can be used as a standalone or truck mounted.

Important note; ASTM 1216 requires calibration and vacuum impregnation of resin in liner. Avoid using linoleum roller.



This 199,000 BTU propane water heater gives you the ability to cure your liners quickly. This heater will deliver up to 185 degree water. By using propane, it can be operated inside a building. All this in a compact unit that can easily be maneuvered by one man..

Quik-Shot Demonstration Videos
The Quik-Shot can line unlimited lengths of 3" to 8" of pipe.


Weighing in at 48 lbs. the Quik-Shot can easily be carried downstairs or up to a rooftop. Minimum size air compressor size is 35 CFM. Quik-Shot, Calibration Roller and Quik-Heater fit in small van, truck or trailer. Priced to be paid for in 4-7 jobs. Shop and jobsite training available. 

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Spend an hour or two or all day learning the different methods of CIPP in a relaxed environment. No charge of course. Available at our Illinois location 7 days a week with notice. 

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Customized to fit your needs, we provide a complete trailer setup with everything needed from day one and within your budget.