We stock a wide variety of pipe cleaning tools, reinstatement tools and high speed cable. Below are some examples.

Lateral ReInstatement Cutters

These tools can be used for re-in-statement of lateral connections and can also be used to cut obstructions out of drainage and other pipelines. 2", 3", 4", 6" available. These are best used with a centering axle. 

Miscellaneous Tools and Accessories

Pipe and Tubing Brushes are versatile tools to gently clean pipe without harming the surface. Centering tools for use with reinstatement, sandpaper and collapsed liner drill heads. Cable to drill connectors. Cable drill clutch. Cable collars to insure tools stay in place. Several sizes of cable connectors. 

Pipe Cleaning Chain Knockers

Manufactured to the highest quality, the best drain cleaning chains. Drain Cleaning Chains are well known for cleaning scale, rust and lime from cast iron and steel pipes. They are a powerful and very effective tool for bringing these pipes back to their original state of glory.

Sandpaper, Overshot and

Collapsed Liner


Re-Instatement and Sand Paper tools

can be used in multiple pipe relining and drain cleaning job scenarios. Overshot Liner Cutter is used to trim liner that was overshot into the main pipe during the lining process. Collapsed Line Removal Cutter with 5 replaceable teeth inserts is ideal for when you need to drill through a failed liner or for cutting obstructions inside drainage pipe.

Flex Shaft and Renssi TS-Cable

The Renssi flex shaft is enclosed in a sheath that allows the shaft to turn at high speed while the operator is safe from turning cable. You can attach TS-cable to different kind of tools (chain knockers, brushes, cutters, cleaning tools, cable connectors and adapters).

Several sizes of cable available. 


Renssi overshot cutter